Monday, October 29, 2007


One time in which I remember that I have been stared at was when my family was at the airport awaiting the arrival of my brother from Iraq. Due to the fact that we had signs and were crying when we saw the plane pull up, many people sat, staring at us wondering what the big deal was. However, we were so proud and so happy we did not care that people were staring. This may not be an example in which we were stared at in an odd, and dehumanizing way, but because we were going against the social norms, people did stare at us and wonder why we were acting this way. However, in this given situation, we really didn't care what others thought because we were just go happy that he was home. Although, once we got off the plane and we were walking through the airport, with my brother, who was in his military uniform, we did get a lot of looks and people were actually rather rude to him. However, there were many people that stopped us and told him thank you for serving and shook his hand and aknowledged us for getting through a whole year while he was over there as they realized how hard that could have been for us as well.

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